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Award winning Producer Tony Catania unveils his New project…

Award winning Producer Tony Catania unveils his New project…

Tony Catania, globally successful Songwriter, producer and ReMixer is  with his NEW  project that is a labor of love.

As someone who has made a career developing artists for major label stardom, his greatest success to date is the world-renowned Scatman John, whose signature vocal at the beginning of Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) is indelibly etched in the musical minds of more than one generation.   With more than 22 million records sold Tony Catania knows a thing or two about great talent, hit songs and a production for the time.

Now Tony is taking his talent as a producer and writer and sharing it with up and coming artists, giving them the platform to launch their own careers by sharing the spotlight as the voice of the Tony Catania Project.

The “project” is a loosely configured group of multiple singers and rappers who perform these undeniable hit melodies that are the creation of Mr. Catania.

First up the spotlight is squarely on an American based rapper, Yung Phantom. 
“DJ Rock This Party” is the  track from  Tony Catania Project and it is an international affair.

The original track was written and recorded at Tony’s home studio in Germany, .

The vocal is by a young Dutch singer, Ravenna
The video was yet another project.  Since Ravenna was unable to make the trek to film a performance piece, the team had to find a performer who would jump off the screen and give the impression that she was a girl who was infatuated with the D.J., knew all the songs he played and lived for the club life.  That they did with a young lady from Texas.  The video was shot over a two day period in one of the most popular resorts for the rich and famous in the entire United States, Naples, Florida.

So here we are with what is destined to be one of the big hits of the coming months.  “DJ Rock This Party” is the  first single by The TonyCatania Project.  It is just the beginning....